Felicity Resorts Guest Loyalty & Global Citizen Initiative
"mtu wa dunia"
- Swahili for person of the earth –

Felicity Resorts

Global Citizens Initiative

By being a part of Felicity Resorts, you become a part of something bigger. A movement to bring a kinder and gentler form of travel to the world; a movement to close the gap between traveler and local to foster a greater understanding and connection to the planet we live on; to travel in a way that is sustainable and works on preserving and enhancing the landscape in which the resorts operate; to immerse the traveler in the culture and history of the location; and to give back to the local communities in a meaningful way.

Global citizens will have the opportunity to volunteer during their stay to work towards a better world in exchange for resort credits and complimentary nights. Due to Felicity Resorts commitment to the environment, each guests travel to the location will be offset through the carbon exchange program based on the distance the guest traveled to arrive at the resort. Such programs go towards carbon sequestering projects around the world to mitigate the effects of emissions.

At each resort, we strive to become energy neutral, use rainwater and greywater to minimize the use of fresh water, use nontoxic and bio-degradable chemicals, and work towards a "zero waste" operation.

Travel with a clear conscientious and join the movement of MTU WA DUNIA

Felicity Resorts

Guest Loyalty Program

At Felicity Resorts, we do not ask for loyalty of our guests,  we are loyal to our guests. Many rewards programs ask their patronages for loyalty first then offer rewards. We turn this around and are eternally grateful and appreciative for the generous loyalty of our guests. The perks and rewards start with your first booking and don't stop. Although rewards vary based on the location, our guests can expect to be treated to:

  • Room upgrades
  • Private dining options
  • Premium Beverage offerings
  • Complimentary airport transfers
  • Exclusive Excursions
  • Bespoke amenity baskets and gifts

Felicity Resorts

Be a Global Citizen!

Join MTU WA DUNIA and start your journey! Click the link and type "loyalty" in the comments sections and we will send you your sign up information shortly. Thank you for being a Mtu wa dunia!