Experiential Travel for the curious

Our Approach

Our Approach

The vision of Felicity Resorts is to create an international network of all inclusive micro-resorts catering to the active, mindful, curious, intrepid traveler seeking authentic experiences. Felicity Resorts brings extensive hospitality management experience with superior financial  acumen coupled with a guest focus. The resorts themselves will be unique and a destination in their own right. The places that take a little effort to get to but reward in their exclusivity and relative remoteness. Private, personal and professional...

Our Story

Our Story

Felicity Resorts was born out of the desire to create the most memorable travel experiences possible. Not just a resort or a destination but a bringing together of the myriad of elements that connect ourselves to the people and the environment of a place, creating a lasting feeling of inclusion that will remain in the traveler long after the visit is over. Travel that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just.

Meet the Team

Felicity Resorts Founder and CEO

Norbert Mede

Founder & CEO

Norbert is a 30 year hospitality veteran that brings his vision and experience to Felicity Resorts as CEO. Leading the development, concept and vision of the company to grow the network and ensure it profitability and proper financial return to investors.

Director of Marketing

Leighanna Murphy

Co-founder & Director of Marketing 

The creative force behind the branding and messaging of each property. Leighanna brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to Felicity Resorts in all aspects of media as well as branding each properties unique aspects and offerings

Design and Architecture for Felicity Resorts

Andreas Mede

Director of Design & Architecture 

Andreas Mede is the design, aesthetic and architecture head at Felicity Resorts. Andreas is the one that implements the visual concept of each resort to integrate and capture the local flavors and cultures while creating a unique, comfortable and functional guest experience through proper design

Interested in investing?

Interested in being a part of Felicity Resorts as an investor? Join us and reap the financial and spiritual rewards.