Imagine being a part of a hospitality company that runs the places you have always wanted to visit. The little resorts tucked away in the secluded places that offer an amazing combination of tranquility, adventure, connection to the local food, flora, fauna and people and the amenities you desire. We have currently earmarked potential projects in destinations that have stood the test of time, places that offer natural beauty, culture, history and activities of a more vigorous nature: Diving, hiking, sailing, cross country skiing, fishing, wildlife viewing and other excursions to stimulate the mind and body. Coupled with  meditation, yoga, fine cuisine and personalized, authentic service, the collection of resorts are sure to garner accolades and a loyal following


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Environmentally Sustainable

The time has come for true environmental sustainability to reverse the impact of travel on the environment. Solar power, rain and grey water collection and re-use. zero waste, local and sustainable food sources, bio-gradable and non toxic cleaning, bio diesel generators, and carbon offset for each traveler that stays at a Felicity Resort. We will lead the way for Eco-tourism efforts

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Spiritually Fulfilling

Mindfulness is not just a buzz world, it is the essence of Felicity Resorts operations. Mindfulness of self, environment, senses, people, cultures and climate culminate in every experience at a Felicity Resort. Curated activities, food, beverage, entertainment, décor and amenities are presented to each guest to immerse them in the experience of travel. Although we can't promise our guests will be "locals for the day", we will get them close

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Socially Just

Felicity Resorts fully embraces the cultural environment in which they are located by integrating food, music, art, stories, and the people into the experience. Felicity Resorts will give back to each community they are in to support education, environmental restoration and protection, the continuation of cultures, and living wage initiatives. Socially just travel connects and unites the world

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Seeking like minded individuals to join the team!

Be a part of Felicity Resorts, the  resorts you love to visit, where your return is more than dollars and cents.